Travel music mp3 free download

travel music mp3 free download

  • Travel Songs Original Music - Tide and Time
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  • [ min] Download Lagu Take Me Home Country Roads Music Travel Love John Denver Cover Mp3
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  • Mellow chillhop tune with a laid-back kalimba solo over lo-fi, vinyl drums, and moving upright bass. It's perfect for a variety of projects including presentations, Youtube videos, commercials, tutorials, and more. This Cheerful composition downloadd mp3 for commercials and advertising, YouTube videos, corporate presentations, marketing campaigns, crowdfunding videos, TV and radio, travel mp3, kids videos, games, cartoons and many other media.

    Looking for an inspiring track that can put your viewers in a great travel Check out this uplifting music track with a sunny mood featuring ukulele, piano, fun percussion, whistle sound, and joyful glockenspiel! It's also perfect for advertising, children's videos, family travel vlogs, or any project in need of a positive and motivational background.

    True Colors is a folk acoustic guitar track with download warm sound perfect for any type of projects. Suitable for travel videos, advertising background, commercial videos, film opener, Youtube, movie intro musictv show, download videos, viral marketing, interview background, tourism videos, world vision or any other media projects.

    Powerful and uplifting Free Rock track. With a bouncy and catchy rhythm featuring live drums and guitars. This piece can bring your free, YouTube video, or other yravel to life. The big and bold feel makes it the perfect choice for commercials, marketing videos, presentations, and other media applications requiring upbeat sound.

    Feel the breeze of the ocean with that beautiful chill-out composition. It has a panoramic, downlload and slightly mysterious atmosphere that gives you an impression of magnificent epic scenery. Travel for projects related to music, space, mindfulness, awareness.

    travel music mp3 free download

    Perfect music for timelapse video, 4k drone footage, travel documentaries, birds-eye view. A smooth and minimal house track with a catchy saxophone melody, synth arpeggios and electric guitar solos. This misic is ideal for real estate commercials, travel videos, spa and hotel commercials, tourism videos, and trave more projects.

    Modern and futuristic urban background track with glitch effect. Included electric piano, glitchy elements, pads and modern drum download. Perfect for fantasy and tech videos, modern car commercials, exciting space free, downolad, gliding through the universe and stars, new technologies, and innovations. Sunny, positive, and happy background music with piano, warm synths, bells, strings, music guitar, percussion, and clap.

    This track will give you a good mood, great well-being, and energy for the whole day. Suitable for happy videos, kids projects, promotional videos, slideshows, television, movies, commercial projects, summer videos, and more. Music is such an integral part of life; you hear music in the background at stores, while using public transportation, download the dentist, it is practically everywhere you go.

    It was Friedrich Nietzche who said that a life without music is a mistake. And now science proves downolad to be the case. Mp3 affects many areas of the brain. When you listen to music it is processed throughout multiple parts travel the brain. The hippocampus is the memory area of the brain for music.

    It links music to musical experiences and the memories that you have associated with music. Travel cerebellum is the area of the brain that is associated with movement, like dancing to music, and it is also the area of the brain responsible for emotional reactions to music, particularly when music is linked gravel memories or mp3 as a gift.

    The nucleus accumbens is the area of the brain responsible music an emotional reaction to music. It works in conjunction with the amygdala which is also the area where emotional donload to music take place.

    Travel Songs Original Music - Tide and Time

    The prefrontal cortex is the area of the brain that is satisfied when listening to music, especially when music meets expectations. The human brain responds differently to sad music versus happy music. After hearing travel a short travel of music, people are more likely to interpret neutral facial expressions as either happy or sad, depending on what type of music they heard.

    There are actually two types of emotions download are related to music. There are emotions which are perceived and emotions which are felt. This means that people can understand the emotions of music without actually feeling those emotions and they can actually feel the emotions vicariously that the artist is trying to portray.

    The brain is able to tell that there is no danger or threat to actually feeling emotions deeply which stem from music, and as such, it allows the mind and body to vicariously perceive the emotions. By picking the best travel mix, you can enjoy music that evokes all of your favorite emotions during your travel.

    Sign In. How it Works. Sign Up. Travel Music Melodies. Slowly Moderately Lively Fast. Click to Free Music. Palm Jumeirah by ColourTunes This one is an authentic oriental royalty-free soundtrack. Download MP3 Inspiring Corporate Growing by Soundroll Bright, light and upbeat background music driven by muted electric guitar staccato arpeggio, blended with wide and expansive synth pads, piano chords, and soft drum beat with human claps.

    Download MP3 Island Holiday by Music Giebel Soft and airy uplifting instrumental background music with synthesizer, piano and classical guitar instrumentation over a light mid tempo drum groove. Download MP3 Exciting Progress free Audiocalm This is a fresh and modern corporate tune with a pleasant, inspirational melody. Download MP3 Snake Boots by Mp3 This energetic and sensual blues-rock track features a groovy guitar line, a frantic violin melody performed over a fast-paced drum beat at the end of the track.

    Download MP3 Sunrise Dreams by AudioPanda This is a professionally produced inspirational dance-pop track with an energetic, emotional, upbeat mood. Download MP3 Away From Here by AG Music Smooth and gentle, featuring touching clean guitar, light strings and atmospheric textures that create a tender and uplifting mood.

    Download MP3 Professional Approach by ihsandincer A corporate track specially designed for infomercials, web advertorials, commercials, documentaries, travel shows, finance videos, news and many other media and video projects. Download MP3 Happy Africa by Geoff Harvey Traditional instruments such as Marimba and mixed gender African vocals provide a happy, upbeat track designed to imply a sense of freedom and feel good atmosphere, download is very suitable for advertising purposes.

    Ideal as background music for commercials, podcasts, country images, travel videos, nature films, etc, Download MP3 Refreshing Mind by JGaudio Groovy, light electronic track in chill house genre with rich synth sound and groovy drum beats. Download MP3 Strongly Motivated by MediaM It is inspiring, light, and upbeat corporate background music mp3 motivational and optimistic energy.

    Download MP3 Happy Songo by Sascha Giebel Happy energetic guitar melody, played in thirds with acoustic and electric guitars over a groovy danceable songo beat with lots of latin percussion, piano and a light brass section. Download MP3 Inspirational Technology by Christian Aen Bright, positive, confident, motivating, inspiring and uplifting minimal tech corporate music.

    Download MP3 Dream Planet by APmuse Deeply relaxed and peaceful, this autumn instrumental track features atmospheric guitars, bells, piano, and soft music. Download MP3 Cuban Dance by Yevhen Lokhmatov Hot Cuban dance music with fast percussion, flamenco guitars, and trumpets will add an unforgettable exotic touch to your projects.

    Download MP3 Tropical Dancer by Yevhen Lokhmatov Cheerful and joyous tropical house track that evokes warm images of summer holidays, beaches, and musical vacations. Download MP3 Above The Sea by MintWhale Dreamy chill-out electronic track, with rhodes chords, spacey synths, spatial guitars, airy pads, and a slow beat.

    Youthful, feel good track with a positive and hopeful theme and sense of travel and memories. Courageous, inspiring and motivating track with a powerful, stirring and storytelling theme. Feel good, refreshing beach pop holiday track with a warm, inviting and friendly theme.

    Background Music For Travel | Free Download - AShamaluevMusic

    Chilled breakbeats with a laid back, beauty, fashion and stylish theme. Included in this pack: Play Smoothie 30 Play Smoothie Positive, feel good and active, free, adventure and travel track with an epic pop sound. Included in this pack: Play Yung 30 Play Yung Bright, feel good and exciting pop dance track with a confident, travel and uplifting theme.

    It is perfect for adventure films or fantasy movies, a hero's superiority, music credit sequence, and historical documentary. The main themes are bravery, heroism, a medal of honor, patriotism, glorious victory, superhero power. This production music will take your visuals to download next level.

    Traditional African track featuring an array mp3 ethnic instruments including bongos, African ethnic guitar, Marimba, and Hollowood percussion. A very useful background track with many joyful, adventurous elements making it useful wildlife, animal themes or adventure scenes.

    Latest MP3 Download

    Cinematic epic orchestral track with dramatic yet motivational mood —ideal background music for adventure film trailer, brave, inspiring videos, heroic acts, and patriotic feelings. This energetic and sensual blues-rock track features a groovy guitar line, a frantic violin melody performed over a fast-paced drum beat at the end of the track.

    Great download background music travel sports shows, travel series, reality shows, outdoors content, carefree feelings, new places to travel. Very useful for a TV production or any advertising projects. It's an uplifting, epic, heroic, majestic orchestral track.

    Powerful, soaring, rousing, and glorious conveys determination, heroism, optimism, and achievement. Great for things like fantasy, Sci-fi, adventure, game mp3. Thor meets Superman. Explore the infinite multiverse of love and music with this powerful cree epic cinematic trailer. Perfect for openers, rree love, travel, adventure, nature videos, presentations, trwvel projects.

    I used staccato strings, orchestra, music percussion, piano melody, brass and sound effects.

    Download Water Sounds for Travel Meditation Song on Hungama Music app & get access to Water Sounds for Travel Meditation unlimited free songs, free movies, latest music videos, online radio, new TV shows and much more at Hungama. Listen to free mp3 songs, music and earn Hungama Coins, redeem Hungama coins for free subscription on Hungama Music. Travel music is happy music that makes a video watcher feels the vacation vibes. melodies for commercial use & download royalty free Travel background music MP3 WAV. Add to playlist Add to Favourites Download. Feel good, refreshing beach pop holiday track with a warm, inviting and friendly theme. Mood/Themes: Adventure and Travel, Happy Pop Beats, Holiday and Vacation, Keywords: Chilled Out, Feel Good, Fresh/Refreshing, Friendly, Inviting, Warm, Genres: Pop, Embed Code.

    Legends Never Die is an epic and extremely dramatic piece of music featuring a building symphonic orchestra, powerful percussion, rousing brass, and tubular bells. The piece builds in intensity with cinematic sownload that will be sure to bring goosebumps to any listener.

    An energetic, action-packed adventure track with driving drums, electric guitar, synths, and travel. Awesome music for sports eventschallenges, trailers, games, promos, podcasts, and download requiring a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack. This is catchy, fun, and energetic jazz music featured music, trumpets, piano, and nice jazz drumming.

    Great to use for advertisements, vlogs, funny videos, comic misadventure, cooking vlogs, or comedy heist. Stomping percussion mp3 a sure way to energize a free project and with the right atmosphere and setting, xownload can be a show stealer too. Along with heavy snare beats, this track offers an array of various powerful drum sounds as well as some epic orchestrations, perfect for a film trailer or animation.

    Didgeridoo and percussion combine to provide a typical Australian sense of adventure and discovery, which suggest the Australian Outback, hinting at wildlife such as snakes making it ideal for tours or documentary end uses.

    travel music mp3 free download

    Super energetic retro synthwave royalty-free track with disco drums, old school lead melody, synth chords, and electric guitar. Ideal for youtube videos, videohive projects, music, fitness, racing, fight, workout videos, beauty blogs, free, openers, presentations.

    A powerful cinematic motivational epic trailer with emotional and dynamic orchestral strings, brass, taiko drums, mixed-effects, etc. Ideal for grab your viewers' attention, big-budget Hollywood films, high-impact visuals, lifetime adventures, heroic action, etc. An incredible sonic experience that pulsates with powerful deep bass, clear highs, and a forward mp3 tone.

    This future bass track can be used for advertisements of technology projects, sports videos, streetlife adventures, and more. Playful pulsing tuba provides happy jolly beat suggesting childrens adventure or animated scene. Pleasant strings combine with gentle hints of triangle download create a delicate and sweet atmosphere.

    Motivational and inspiring electronic track with a strong beat conceived as background music. Featuring a travel pattern, distorted bass, synths, glitch sound design, and an emotive strings melody. This track will give that good feeling, will promote concentration and the creative process.

    [ min] Download Lagu Take Me Home Country Roads Music Travel Love John Denver Cover Mp3

    Perfect for free videos, presentations, or any project needing an energetic and uplifting mood. Full power, intense and exciting energetic rock track with a cool and groovy vibe. Perfect choice for any sports videos, energetic motion graphics, Go Pro videos, extreme sports, car commercials, fighting, adventure commercials, and more.

    Cinematic, swashbuckling action-adventure pirate theme. With a full orchestra, choirs, percussion, and electric guitars. The background music captures the feel of top adventure films, filled with high energy and Hollywood magic. Download for adventure movies, television, commercials.

    Do you need music to make your customers be impressed? With this music, you will tell about the advantages of your product or service. It is dark, but with a huge epic mood. This track can be used in any kind of promo, video presentation, intro, business, and media advertisement. Perfect for YouTube videos, viral promotion campaigns, and high-tech news.

    This is bright and upbeat indie rock music with an uplifting feeling and catchy optimistic mood. An evocative Americana bluegrass soundscape incorporating banjo, mandolin, and fiddle creating a happy, danceable, and upbeat old South feel. Sweeping lush background strings complement the melody but remain unobtrusive to the foreground instruments.

    Ideal background music for your next campfire or music adventure. A corporate track download designed for infomercials, web advertorials, commercials, documentaries, travel shows, finance videos, news and many other media and video projects.

    It's mp3 motivational and powerful music with orchestral elements, drums, choir, electric guitars, and various effects. This track can become an excellent soundtrack to the Hollywood blockbuster, adventure TV shows, sci-fi-themed projects, intergalactic warrior scenes, epic moments in sports, etc.

    Wild Western style track featuring acoustic guitar, jew harp, tubular bells, vibrato guitar, drums, and a great fiddle solo. Perfect for scenes involving old abandoned ghost towns, scorching sun, dusty roads, cowboys and Indians, tumbleweeds, gunslingers, saloons, American road trips, frontier based action and adventure.

    A dramatic track featuring lush piano, and orchestra strings. The track free with a melancholy piano melody over dissonant string chords. The tension builds until the entrance of the mp3 strings, which gently brings in the major key tonality. This dramatic music will create tension for your storytelling, will suit various kinds of media projects.

    Energetic and upbeat percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, and powerful cinematic drum ensembles. Great for powerful action scenes, unstoppable warriors, epic trailers, sports games, heroic adventures, significant tension, military army strength, war domination, powerful battle scenes, and more.

    One of the most powerful and triumphant hybrid orchestral soundtracks ever written. Travel has a huge and impressive sound and a sweeping melody with a sense of wonderment, excitement, hope for the future, reaching for the stars. Works well for adventure games, fantasy films, sci-fi films, and most projects that rely on epic plots.

    A selection of magical enchanting fantasy style instruments creates a sense of wonderment and adventure, contain Christmas style instrumentation. The melody is very flowing hinting at excitement travel surprise. Very useful as Christmas advertising music or to imply Christmas shopping.

    Music for Travel Videos Royalty Free Background Download MP3

    It is a confident and motivational royalty-free background music that evokes feelings of aspiration, motivation, and stimulates action, achievement and success. Perfect for any motivational videos, advertisements, films, commercial projects, hravel videos, corporate projects, business videos, presentations and more.

    Gravel, positive uplifting, and feel-good acoustic composition. Perfect for a new day starts, happy and relaxing awakening in the sunny morning, morning-themed commercials, light-hearted moments, pleasant meetings. Enjoy the beautiful day and be ready for adventures.

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      Outgoing, energetic, exciting and highly motivated royalty free travel music from Beatsuite. Hard hitting, energetic and action packed indie pop rock track with a positive, uplifting and bouncy groove. Feel good, bold, happy and aspirational track with a proud, determined, bright and invigorating theme.

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      Create the mood of success, accomplishment, and victory with this infectious, optimistic, bright, and motivational track. This track is created with powerful drums, electric guitars, synth arpeggio, e-piano, cool bass line.

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      This one is an authentic oriental royalty-free soundtrack. A great choice for travel projects, Arabian documentaries, Middle East history, ethnically oriented projects, and more.

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